14 Sep

Why 50mm Lens is The Best When it Comes to Focused Photography?

Today we are going to discuss about an unsung hero in your perfect photograph. Yes, your lens. People run behind an SLR or DSLR cameras but forget one thing. The main thing. LENS! It is what makes the photograph or video the best.

The goal to which it referred, which should all have or at least try it, without delay, the magnificent and splendid prime lens 50mm f / 1.4. It is filled with advantages only. Even what might seem “inconvenience”  is not. I’ll explain.

50mm fixed focal…Why?

At these heights sure you know what is a focal length (and if you are not sure then first check out this article here – https://reviewsbyexpert.com/best-vlogging-cameras/). We’ve all ever thought that the more a lens focal length covering better. There is nothing more wrong. The objectives covering wide ranges of focal length (e.g., 18-300mm) lose specialization, as they have to give a good result we shoot 18mm to 120mm or 300mm, so they can not do excellently, but get somewhat “acceptable” results. Instead, a prime lens, for example, 35mm, 50 or 80mm is a lens made especially to perform well at this focal length, in particular, then it is their domain of expertise, and therefore we offer the best optical quality. Definitely.

Why 50mm specifically? Because it has been shown that this is the view that our eyes normally cover in real life. A photo made 50mm looks and proportions that our eyes see and our brain processes in real life.

On the other hand, an ultra – small focal length (10mm for example) or longer (600mm) produces small optical distortions, sometimes unnoticeable: this experiment clearly demonstrated.

Now comes the best part…

The real beauty of this lens lies in the extraordinarily generous opening of his diaphragm. Many people bought objectives regardless of their diaphragm, but I would say it is one of the most important things you will or you will detract from our lens.

The opening or aperture is what allows the target capture more light. For me you understand, think of a situation where you had to take pictures in low light without flash. You’ve suffered a lot, because either you leave the blurred image, or comes out with a lot of noise from the ISO, and so on.

What I mention now is the ability to capture much more natural light without having to resort to any ruse. Having a lens with a large aperture allows you to capture much more light than an ordinary one could. PS: For your information, the opening of the diagram is expressed by the value f / … and the smaller this value, the larger the aperture (and thus more light, the better). If you look at your objective standard, basic, surely find written on it some value of f / 3.5 or f / 4. Of which I speak today is an objective of f / 1.4, that is an incredibly wide opening. Last one.

The beauty of f / 1.4

With an aperture diaphragm like this, you can not only get much more light but also can greatly highlight the subjects and objects you’re shooting. This has to do with something that explained here on the blog recently called the depth of field reduced, and that is to have the focus subject and the background behind very very unfocused, highlighting the person, animal or object portrayed. I guess you know how to get it but if you still do not know in this tutorial will explain how it is super easy.


This goal is well known and certainly, will not have any difficulty in obtaining it in any photo shop. Prices vary but are around 500 euros. As always if you live in Spain the price I recommend Amazon because it is the cheapest (e.g., this Nikon lens costs about 490 normally Amazon you have it for much less, also it is advisable to read their reviews on RBE. ). Ah, depending on the brand of your camera, here you have the same goal by brand:

  • 50mm f / 1.4 for Nikon
  • 50mm f / 1.4 for Canon
  • 50mm f / 1.4 for Pentax
  • 50mm f / 1.4 for Sony

Is this an expensive lens?

When I saw at first, I thought “how expensive!”. It was so wrong. After checking the virtues of this magnificent optical part, I believe that it deserves double or triple in price. If you doubt that I invite you to take a look at this:


to this:


or to this:


All were made with ordinary SLRs, sometimes beginners, very cheap. And to make matters worse, none was retouched nor the least. The secret was in the goal. But what insensible soul could remain undaunted by such beauty and not feel like producing things like that?


For something, most professional photographers feel helpless if they do not carry the 50mm f / 1.4in his backpack. If you’re sick of your basic objective 18-55mm and want to take a step further in photography, enhance and beautify your models, become fascinating any object around you and transform any dull moment in an unforgettable graphic reminder, you are already taking in presenting him with a 50mm to your camera.

Note: My love for the 50mm f / 1.4 does not remove every situation has a suitable lens. Not all lenses get all kinds of photos. But the 50mm f / 1.4 is a wonder, for the record?

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